Sex Trafficking Kids: Online Shopping

“I never thought I would ever look on the internet and see my daughter naked,” Moore said.

His daughter ran away from a youth group home at 16 years old and met up with Silk Clark, 39.

Clark is accused of giving the girl drugs and then sex trafficking her using Facebook, Snapchat and

“Backpage is kind of the, I think it’s the head of the snake,” Attorney Erik Bauer said.

Where all else have failed, Bauer and his Tacoma, Washington law firm have successfully held the website liable in federal court for the sex trafficking of kids.

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Bauer points out that Backpage posts have evolved.

“Sometimes they’ll crop off the head,” Bauer said. “I mean all you see is a cropped off body for sale, that’s it, how old is this child? Hard to tell.”

The iTeam wrote letters to and visited Clark at Metro Corrections where he’s awaiting trial on several charges, including drugs, guns and Human Trafficking.

He told us he was completely innocent and that in one return letter, “These young girls lyin’ about they age and these strip clubs are hiring them.”

Moore calls Clark a “chronic liar,” saying he knew his daughter was underage.

“Guns, money, drugs, girls, sex, kids, whatever, it ends where he’s at.”

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