Suspect steals Indiana State Police patrol car, crashes it during pursuit

Police said the suspect stole the patrol car after getting into a “scuffle” with a trooper who was trying to arrest the suspect.

ANDERSON, Ind. — A suspect stole a trooper’s patrol car on Saturday afternoon and subsequently crashed it in Anderson after leading officers in a pursuit.

Sgt. Coley McCutcheon said traffic cameras caught a suspect looking into an abandoned car at around 2:45 p.m. that was on the side of Interstate 69 at the 202 mile-marker.

A trooper went to see what the suspect was doing and ended up chasing the suspect on foot and tazing him.

When the trooper tried to arrest the suspect, McCutcheon said the trooper and the suspect got into a “scuffle.” Then the suspect got up and stole the trooper’s car.

The suspect led officers in a pursuit on I-69. He exited the highway then got back onto the highway three separate times. The suspect exited the highway a fourth time at mile-marker 226 and drove through a traffic light on 53rd Street and Scatterfield Road in Anderson. 

McCutcheon said when the suspect drove through the light he crashed into a car and a semi-truck.

According to McCutcheon, this is when the suspect got out of the trooper’s car, ran to a nearby McDonald’s parking lot and tried to steal another car. When he couldn’t steal the car, he kept running and was apprehended by police behind a nearby Applebee’s.

McCutcheon said the suspect was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated for injuries from the crash and to be cleared to go to jail. No other substantial injuries have been reported.