Family, attorneys viewing bodycam footage of Andrew Brown Jr. at NC Sheriff’s Office Monday

Attorneys for the family of Andrew Brown, Jr. said they will be viewing the body camera video on Monday morning at the Pasquotank County Sheriff’

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. — The request to release the body camera footage of Andrew Brown, Jr. is being answered, after he was shot and killed in Elizabeth City during a drug-related search and arrest warrant. 

According to the attorneys for Brown’s family, they will be viewing the body camera video on Monday, April 26 around 11:30 a.m. at the Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office.

National Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, Bakari Sellers and Harry Daniels will be in attendance, speaking on the case after the release of the footage.

This is happening after a Pasquotank County sheriff and Chief Deputy asked NCSBI if the release of the body camera footage would impede their investigation on Saturday. 

Sheriff Tommy Wooten said he will petition the court Monday to release the body camera footage if NCSBI will not release it.

According to Pasquotank County Manager Sparty Hammett, seven deputies are on paid administrative leave, while three have resigned from their positions.  One of those resignations was a retirement option.

The three resignations, however, were unrelated to the shooting, according to Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant Heather Carawan.

Pasquotank County only has about 55 sworn deputies total, according to Maj. Aaron Wallio with the Sheriff’s Office.

The disclosure comes as calls increase for the release of deputy body camera footage amid signs that Andrew Brown Jr. was shot in the back and killed as he was trying to drive away.

“He was driving off, trying to get away,” said neighbor Demetria Williams, who said she witnessed the shooting Wednesday morning. 

Williams, who said she knew Brown for many years, said law enforcement parked a car in Brown’s driveway in order to block his exit. She said Brown drove through his yard, when deputies opened fire. At the scene, tire marks can still be seen where witnesses say Brown tried to drive away. 

The sound of gunshots prompted Williams to come outside, and she is glad she was there to witness the shooting, as calls grow for the release of the body camera footage. 

“Justice can’t be served if they are sweeping things under the rug,” she said. “Why not release [the video]?” 

Gov. Roy Cooper was among those calling for the swift release of the body camera footage, saying that initial reports of what happened “are tragic and extremely concerning.”

North Carolina law requires a court order to release bodycam footage. On Friday Elizabeth City Council voted 5-0 to officially request the sheriff’s deputy body camera video of Brown’s death.

When asked in a text if the body camera footage could be released in a couple of days, Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten replied, “We are trying.”

Brown’s car crashed into a tree in Michael Gordon’s yard. 

Gordon showed 13News Now where a bullet pierced through his living room and into the kitchen. A bullet hole rests right above a loveseat where Gordon’s wife normally sits, but she was at work. 

Gordon, a veteran, was visiting his brother. 

“I just thank God we weren’t here,” he said. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.